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Lo-Rent Sound was founded in 2020 by Jeremy Hansen, a musician and engineer based in Portland, Oregon. Originally from the Midwest, Hansen relocated to Portland from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2006. His passion for musical instruments dates back to the early 90s when he purchased his first guitar, and since then, he has transformed this passion into a career encompassing playing, recording, mixing, mastering music, and repairing the tools essential for its creation.

In the late 2010s, Hansen worked as a self-employed computer repair technician and owned a local repair shop named MacMender. During this time, he started applying his technical knowledge to the repair of musical electronics. In 2018, Hansen and his wife purchased a house in the NE Portland Sumner neighborhood, where he resides with his two brindle French Bulldog mixes, Pony and Dino. During the COVID pandemic lockdown, he converted his four-car garage into a recording studio, officially launching Lo-Rent Sound Studio.

Hansen dedicates most of his time to creating music and repairing electronic instruments, specializing in vintage synthesizers, drum machines, pro audio outboard gear, and electromechanical pianos. His in depth understanding of synthesizers, electronic instruments, and their technological capabilities equips him with the ideal toolset to enhance the recording, mixing, and mastering of any music. When not in the studio, Jeremy can be found engaged in hands-on home repairs and building projects, playing with his dogs, or, whenever possible, lounging on a sandy beach somewhere sunny.

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